Welcome to Kanji Drill

Kanji Drill is a web based flash card program for studying and testing Japanese kanji and vocabulary.

Features of KanjiDrill.com, which you won’t find with other flashcard programs, include:

  • Customize which readings you're interested in studying for each kanji.
  • Your personal progress is stored on-line so you can study and drill from any computer with internet access.
  • Tests are weighted so that the kanji and vocabulary that you're weakest with are more likely to be tested.
  • Create your own vocabulary lists (and share them with others if you'd like).

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A subscription of only $10 U.S./year will provide access to all lists. Group rate discounts are also available.

Non-subscription users have access to one demo list so that they can try the program.


The following table summarizes the drills currently available.

  Study Each flash card displays a kanji and all of its readings.
Use this mode to learn kanji and to select which reading will be tested for each kanji.
  Kanji Readings For each kanji flash card you must type in its readings.
Compounds and definitions are listed to aid in figuring out what the reading is.
  Study Each card displays a vocabulary in English, kana and kanji. Display between 1 and 20 vocabulary words per page.
Use this mode to learn the vocabulary in a list.
  Drill Words Test your vocabulary knowledge. You can choose the questions to be in English, kana or kanji. Type in answers in English or kana. Your progress is automatically stored.


Following are the requirements for using the Kanji Drill program.

Quick Start

Follow these steps and give Kanji Drill a try.

  1. Your browser must be able to display Japanese fonts. If the following text does not display the kanji for Nihongo, 日本語, then you must install Japanese fonts on your computer.
  2. Create a user account and then login.
  3. Under the 'Drills' menu, choose the 'Study' drill and demo list. Enter the number of flash cards you'd like displayed.
  4. Run the drill. While you learn the kanji, you can select which readings you wish to be tested against.
  5. Now choose the 'Kanji Reading' drill to test your knowledge.

Or you can get a quick over-view of the program by reviewing the on-line help page.

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